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– About us –

Dauphine Model United Nations (Dauphine MUN) is the United Nations simulation association of Paris-Dauphine University. Model United Nations (MUN), an activity officially recognized by the United Nations (UN), is an exercise in committee work as practiced in the UN General Assembly. In addition to…


  How to join us

Eager to join the only international negociation’s association in Dauphine and to be part of the Paris MUN’s family? Contact us on our facebook page!


  The President’s word

‘We the people of the United Nations determined…’

This is how the Charter of the United Nations preamble begins, signed in 1945 by 50 member states, whose number has steadily increased since, counting today 193 Nations.

Aiming to unify what were once divided nations, the United Nations was founded with the ultimate goal of maintaining peace and international security, ensuring that the crimes of the First and Second World Wars, crimes that sullied the history of the XXth century, will never happen again.

Terrorism, humanitarian crises, political instabilities, hunger strikes, wars, natural disasters, economic and financial crises…In an ever-changing world, the UN has to constantly face new challenges. By acting on their own, it would have been highly improbable to see Nations successfully solve these problems ; it is only through their cooperation that they can overcome them and turn the oneiric ideal of peace into reality.

So what part do we play in all of this ? We, students, can also help promote the UN values, because we too are ‘people of the United Nations’. Paris-Dauphine University has always been in line with an international vision. Its campus is located where the former NATO Secretariat General stood. It thus seemed only logical for an association promoting universal values to be represented within it. In this way, the Dauphine Model United Nations association was created in 2015, gathering together motivated, passionate, inspired and inspiring students.

At the crux of our association? Debate! Like an actor, you are no longer yourself but the delegate of a country or a NGO. Depending on the role you choose, the interests you will have to defend will vary, interests that will sometimes even be contrary to your own beliefs.

Being part of Dauphine MUN is a source of intellectual growth, an opportunity to travel both physically and mentally, to be open-minded, and meet people from all over the world! Thanks to the partnership with the ‘Comité Interuniversitaire des Nations Unies de Paris’ (CINUP), DAUMUN offers each year unforgettable adventures.

Finally, to quote Mr.Dag Hammarskjöld, second Secretary General of the UN and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1961, ‘the United Nations was not created in order to bring us to heaven, but in order to save us from hell‘. And that – if you ask me – is one hell of a step ! 

So, are you ready? JOIN US

Fatou Fall, President of Dauphine MUN